GHS Chemical Labelling

This printer has been approved for printing colour Global Harmonisation System (GHS) Chemical Hazard Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to IMDG specification BS5609.

Chemical Hazard Labels

Chemical hazard labels are applied to chemical drums, containers and bottles.

They are required by law to help identify potential risks to people, wildlife and the environment.

They explain what the hazards are, how to avoid them, and communicate how the chemicals should be stored and safely disposed of.

The symbols used on chemical hazard labels identify chemicals which are explosive, oxidising, highly flammable, toxic, harmful, irritant, corrosive, or dangerous for the environment. One or more of these classifications can be applied to a single chemical mixture.

Choose OKI for Chemical Label Printing

OKI is the only printer manufacturer to warrant the entire label solution to BS5609, provided the recommended label media is used.

  • International Maritime Code for Dangerous Goods (IMDG), BS5609 and GHS approved solutions
  • 3 Year Warranty for complete label printing solution
  • No need for a separate specialist thermal label printer
  • Print what you need, when you need it

All OKI BS5609 compliant printers have been independently tested by the Print Industry Research Association (PIRA) to comply with BS5609 Part 3.