OKI Pro9542dn A3 Colour LED Laser Printer

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Graphic Arts Printer

  • 5 Colour Toner Printer
  • 8 Seconds First Page
  • 50ppm Colour Print
  • 50ppm Mono Print
  • 530 Sheet Input Tray
  • 300 Sheet Multi-Purpose Tray
  • 2400dpi Print
  • Power 1.2GHz Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • GHS Chemical Label Printer
  • USB & Network
  • Automatic Double-Sided Printing
  • Windows & Mac
Price on Application

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What's in the box

  • OKI Pro9542dn colour printer
  • AC Cable (UK)
  • CD/DVD (including Software/ Utilities/ Drivers and User Manuals) & Setup Guide
  • CMYK Starter Toners | 38,000 pages (K), 24,000 pages (CMY)
  • White Starter Toner | 15,000 pages


Includes 3 Year On-Site Parts & Labour Warranty

The OKI Pro9542dn is ideal for printing high density white on coloured or transparent media, making white on colour design possibilities endless. With outstanding print quality achieved in a single pass the OKI Pro9542dn is ideal for proofing, light production and short-run on-demand creative printing.

Specifically designed for the graphic arts market, the OKI Pro9542dn offers outstanding print quality, higher print speeds, lower total cost of ownership and complete media flexibility.

The innovative Pro9542 is an ideal choice for stand out A3+ graphic arts printing. Brilliant print quality, high print speeds and complete media flexibility combined with the ability to print a full range of process colours with the addition of white, opens up new opportunities for on-demand printing, with vibrant results every time.

A first in digital LED printing – CMYK + White

The OKI Pro9542dn delivers high definition colour printing in the full range of process CMYK colours and also a fifth spot colour in white, for a sharp solid white on a coloured background.

  • Print in a full range of process CMYK colours
  • Plus now add a spot colour – white for printing on darker media
  • Stunning vibrancy of colour on dark or transparent media
  • Stunning high definition colour
  • Superb print resolution of 1200 x 1200dpi
  • Wide paper handling from A6 to SRA3 and banner lengths up to 1.3m
  • Multi-Level ProQ technology enhances colour print output
  • Fully compatible with EFI Fiery® XF for advanced colour management

Ideal printer for creative businesses and reprographics studios

Ideal for graphic arts printing and light production, the Pro9542 takes advanced colour to a new level with single pass white-under printing. Affordable and unique in the market, this innovative high-definition printer increases flexibility and delivers stand out results.

The OKI Pro9542dn offers high definition colour printing of the highest quality, alongside superior media handling flexibility. With speeds of up to 50ppm the OKI Pro9542dn is the ideal printer for creative businesses and reprographics studios. And with cost effective high capacity consumables total cost of ownership is reduced.

A true breakthrough in printing technology for the creative and graphics industries, the OKI Pro9542dn enables short run printing on a wide range of media, with a new vibrancy of colour.

  • Print on a wide range of dark and transparent media, including film, gloss, transfer and waterproof paper
  • Print on paper stock up to 360gsm single sided and 320gsm duplex
  • 530 sheet tray as standard, up to 2,950 sheets with optional trays
  • Robust 300-sheet multi-purpose tray for added flexibility

You can now reproduce stunning colours on darker media by printing a white background and then overlaying your colour design. Or create impactful window graphics on clear vinyl through the same process.

Choose the OKI Pro9542 for fast, on-demand graphic arts printing in-house

The high-performance OKI Pro9542 combines advanced graphic arts technology with some of the highest printing speeds available. It is ideal for fast, efficient, on-demand printing. Ultra-high capacity toners and drums make the Pro9542 a highly cost-effective option, especially for high coverage, quality printing.

  • Time to first print less than 8 seconds
  • A4 print speeds up to 50ppm colour/mono, 28ppm A3 colour/mono
  • 2GB RAM and 1.2GHz processor for rapid throughput
  • Ultra-high capacity toner cartridges (42K) and drums (40K)














Pro9000 Series Brochure

OKI Pro9542dn Specification Sheet

Product Features

  • GHS Chemical Labelling

    GHS Chemical Labelling

    This printer has been approved for printing colour Global Harmonisation System (GHS) Chemical Hazard Labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to IMDG specification BS5609.

    Chemical Hazard Labels

    Chemical hazard labels are applied to chemical drums, containers and bottles.

    They are required by law to help identify potential risks to people, wildlife and the environment.

    They explain what the hazards are, how to avoid them, and communicate how the chemicals should be stored and safely disposed of.

    The symbols used on chemical hazard labels identify chemicals which are explosive, oxidising, highly flammable, toxic, harmful, irritant, corrosive, or dangerous for the environment. One or more of these classifications can be applied to a single chemical mixture.

    Choose OKI for Chemical Label Printing

    OKI is the only printer manufacturer to warrant the entire label solution to BS5609, provided the recommended label media is used.

    • International Maritime Code for Dangerous Goods (IMDG), BS5609 and GHS approved solutions
    • 3 Year Warranty for complete label printing solution
    • No need for a separate specialist thermal label printer
    • Print what you need, when you need it

    All OKI BS5609 compliant printers have been independently tested by the Print Industry Research Association (PIRA) to comply with BS5609 Part 3.

  • Horticulture Labelling

    Horticulture Labelling

    We specialise in supplying garden centres and retail nurseries with printing solutions for all their horticultural requirements.

    Versatile, efficient and reliable, this printer is the perfect choice for printing stunning full colour plant labels in-house and on-demand. Print self-adhesive labels, self-ties and stick-ins, and create eye-catching bed cards to attract customer attention to seasonal offers, in-store promotions and point of sale notices.

    Update and print multiple label designs with no media changes or additional plate costs. Print multiple designs of full colour labels and marketing media in-house, matching print quality to immediate demand.

    As well as horticultural labels the same printer can be used to create your promotional material, signage and stationery.

    Look what you can print

    • self-tie labels – loop lock labels, tie wraps
    • stick-in labels – pot pointers, push-in labels
    • self-adhesive horticultural labels
    • waterproof and weatherproof plant pot labels
    • swing tags and bed cards
    • shelf edge cards
    • banners
    • plant pot labels
    • Christmas tree labels
    • all your marketing material: promotional flyers, business stationery, point of sale notices and business cards

    For all your label media requirements, we recommend Bluepoint Tags and Labels

  • Label Printing

    Label Printing


    Impress customers with 5 colour label printing, even on short-run jobs.

    Say yes to 5 colour label printing on weatherproof, metallic and more synthetic labels with the OKI Pro1050 (CMYK+White) printer.

    With the OKI Pro1050 you can cost-effectively print highly durable, commercial grade labels with white under-printing for printing vibrant colours on colour labels. Whether it’s 1 label or 10,000 our label printer has you covered.

    Take advantage of unrivalled label media compatibility with OKI


    More information on OKI label printing, visit OKI Europe

  • Pouch Printing

    Pouch Printing

    OKI Europe enters the flexible packaging print market partnering with SIHL GMBH

    OKI Europe Limited are pleased to announce a key strategic partnership with SIHL GMBH to provide solutions directly printing on to premade resealable synthetic stand-up pouches.

    Building on the outstanding media handling of the OKI Pro9xxx series print devices, OKI and SIHL have worked closely to develop a toner printable pouch to address the fast growing short run pouch market.

    Addressing a wide range of applications from coffee to cosmetics, protein powders to pet treats, spices to sports supplements, sweets and snacks and many more, the markets for re-sealable barrier pouches are plentiful.

    As a part of OKI’s continued expansion in providing solutions for in house printing direct to packaging, this important development of premium synthetic pouch media from SIHL provides outstanding results on the OKI Pro9000 range of printers and are the perfect match to suit these high quality application requirements that customers demand, giving businesses the ability to quickly print short runs on demand, with no minimum order quantities and no wastage.  Recognising how important it is for companies to take control of their production processes, reduce time to market and increase the premium look and feel of their products, SIHL have created this range of pouches

    The pouches offer plenty of space on the front and back for an appealing and personalised design and information on ingredients and additives. Due to the oval welded bottom, the bag remains upright and offers an attractive product presentation at the point of sale. By using the optional zipper, products remain fresh for a long time due to the reclosure.

  • Number Plate Printing

    Car Number Plates

    OKI’s Retail Solutions for Car Dealers

    OKI’s Retail Solutions for Car Dealers provides print processes within service centres and showrooms. From speeding up the production of powerful in-store adverts to promote a particular brand or offer, to printing paperwork and invoices. Car Dealers can print a range of applications that place them in pole position and way ahead of the competition.

    Car Number Plates

    Print personalised road legal number plates on reflective media. OKI’s printers are certified to print on reflective media.

    For OKI Pro9431dn, OKI Pro9541dn and OKI Pro9542dn printers no further equipment or software is needed to print number plates successfully.  For OKI B432dn and OKI C650dn we recommend…

  • Confectionery Pack Sleeve Printing

    Confectionery Pack Sleeve Printing



  • Greeting Card Printing

    Greetings Card Printing


    Consumer demand for personalisation within the Greeting Cards and Wedding Stationery industry has risen significantly in recent years, so the ability to quickly produce highly creative, professional quality, customised cards, envelopes and stationery, at a competitive price can be a lucrative revenue source.

    Greeting Cards and Wedding Stationery businesses can offer a bespoke experience to match all occasions thanks to the impressive media handling capabilities of OKI’s 5 colour printers.

    The ability to print on a range of different media including textured, ultra smooth, matte, glossy, dark, light, clear, thick or thin, offers endless opportunities. Customers’ designs can become a reality with the flexibility to design online and print in vibrant colour or white toner on dark media, or even clear toner to create UV effects on demand.

  • Seed packet printing

    Seed Packet Printing

    Designed with producers and retailers in mind, OKI’s Pro9000 Series 4 and 5 colour digital production printers empower businesses to take total control of their printing by enabling them to print small-volume packaging such as pouches, paper bags, seed packets and boxes in-house and in-store.

    The Pro9000 Series features OKI’s award-winning digital LED technology, delivering deep, vibrant colours, great solids and high colour density, printing even the most intricate designs directly on a surprisingly diverse range of eco-friendly materials.

    Importantly, the Pro9000 Series is designed to provide businesses with low total cost of ownership, has zero set up costs and a relatively low upfront investment. What’s more, no internal expertise is required to operate the printer. The ability to print as little as one item if needed means wastage is also eliminated.

    Whether a boutique retailer or producer is thriving or merely surviving in the current climate, the OKI Pro9000 Series minimises costs and opens up new opportunities to create, print and profit from consumer demands, improving customer satisfaction, driving loyalty and repeat orders while increasing agility as the business landscape continually shifts.

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