Seed Packet Printing

Designed with producers and retailers in mind, OKI’s Pro9000 Series 4 and 5 colour digital production printers empower businesses to take total control of their printing by enabling them to print small-volume packaging such as pouches, paper bags, seed packets and boxes in-house and in-store.

The Pro9000 Series features OKI’s award-winning digital LED technology, delivering deep, vibrant colours, great solids and high colour density, printing even the most intricate designs directly on a surprisingly diverse range of eco-friendly materials.

Importantly, the Pro9000 Series is designed to provide businesses with low total cost of ownership, has zero set up costs and a relatively low upfront investment. What’s more, no internal expertise is required to operate the printer. The ability to print as little as one item if needed means wastage is also eliminated.

Whether a boutique retailer or producer is thriving or merely surviving in the current climate, the OKI Pro9000 Series minimises costs and opens up new opportunities to create, print and profit from consumer demands, improving customer satisfaction, driving loyalty and repeat orders while increasing agility as the business landscape continually shifts.