OKI C650dn A4 Colour LED Laser Printer

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  • 6.5 Seconds First Page
  • 35ppm Colour Print
  • 35ppm Mono Print
  • 250 Sheet Input Tray
  • 100 Sheet Multi-Purpose Tray
  • 1200dpi Print
  • 1GB RAM (3GB eMMC)
  • USB & Network
  • Google Cloud Print 2.0 ready
  • Optional Wireless LAN Module
  • Automatic Double-Sided Printing
  • Windows & Mac
  • 3 Year On-Site Warranty
£660.00 ex VAT
£792.00 inc VAT

In Stock

Free UK Delivery

Please call us to confirm stock levels before ordering

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What's in the box

  • OKI C650 colour printer
  • AC Cable (UK)
  • CD/DVD (including Software/ Utilities/ Drivers and User Manuals) & Setup Guide
  • CMYK Image Drums
  • Starter Toners CMYK (3,000 pages)


The World’s smallest high-performance A4 colour printer

You can expect massive performance from the super-compact C650. As the world’s smallest high-performance A4 colour printer, the C650 is perfect for businesses where space is limited. Typically, compact printers are compromised when it comes to quality, running costs and speed. The C650 turns this on its head by providing all the best attributes you’d expect from a workgroup device in the form of an A4 desktop colour printer, including unrivalled media handling and unbeatable cost-efficiency.

Ideal for any business – especially those where space is at a premium

With Space Saving Technology, the C650 thrives where space is tight and performance is a priority. It’s durable enough for warehouse use and can slot neatly into an enclosed space in a kiosk, or on a production line and is equally at home in the back office.

  • Small frame requires the minimum amount of space
  • Full front access makes maintenance easy and reduces space required to service device
  • 48% metal construction increases reliability and durability

Who is the C650 for?

The C650 thrives anywhere space is tight and performance is a priority. Whether you need a durable device that can survive the rough and tumble of the warehouse floor, or to slot neatly into an enclosed space in a kiosk or on a production line, while being equally at home in the back office where demanding users require high print volumes and excellent quality, the C650 provides the flexibility to adapt to the specific needs of your business.

Why the C650?

Extremely compact

Designed to work in the tightest of spaces, the C650’s small frame requires a minimal space to operate. With full front access and only 2cm required on the sides to function and for maintenance, the C650 can be placed almost anywhere.

Superior print speed

Despite the minimal size, and minimal maintenance space required, the C650 outperforms in both print speed and media handling, printing up to 35 pages a minute, while also printing with ease on media up to 256gsm or up to 1.32m long.


Thanks to its new unique design making much more use of metal in place of plastic, the C650 is the most robust device its class. Designed for a long, durable life, it simply gets on with its job.

Exceptional print quality

Create documents and marketing collateral in stunning colour with LED technology, quickly and easily without compromise.

Unrivalled ROI

The C650 is designed to print, and print, and print. Its very long life and high duty cycle are supported with separate toners and drums to ensure the maximum usage of all consumables – perfect for high volume, high coverage colour printing. All consumables are user changeable with no hidden surprises. The C650 just gets on with its job, enabling you to get on with yours

OKI C650 Brochure




The Smallest High Performance A4 Colour Printer in the World! Tiny, Powerful & Ultra Reliable

Number plate printing


Horticulture Printing

Product Features

  • Google Cloud Print

    Google Cloud Print

    Google has developed a cloud printing service called Google Cloud Print that enables users to print on the go from a smartphone or computer using Google Cloud Print enabled apps. All you need is a compatible device and an OKI printer that is Google Cloud Print Ready.

    With Google Cloud Print, you can print any document from anywhere to your Google Cloud Print connected printer.

    When you print using Google Cloud Print your file is securely transferred over the internet to your printer. So whether you are in the same room, or even in a different country, you can print whatever you want using any device such as a smartphone, tablet PC or desktop computer.

    • Print from anywhere: connect a printer to your Google Account within seconds and start printing immediately.
    • Print anything: any web-connected device can use Google Cloud Print
    • Share and manage printers: manage your printers and printing jobs, and share printers securely from your Google Account. Use Google Cloud Print to complement or replace your organization’s printing infrastructure.
    • Safe and secure: your documents are deleted from Google’s servers once printing is complete

  • Apple AirPrint

    Apple AirPrint

    Apple has developed a mobile printing solution called AirPrint that makes it easy to print from devices such as an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

    With AirPrint there’s no need to download software or printer drivers or to configure or set-up your iOS device or OKI printer.

    To print using AirPrint all you need to do is connect your Apple iOS device or Mac computer to the same Wi-Fi network as an OKI printer that supports AirPrint technology.

  • Horticulture Labelling

    Horticulture Labelling

    We specialise in supplying garden centres and retail nurseries with printing solutions for all their horticultural requirements.

    Versatile, efficient and reliable, this printer is the perfect choice for printing stunning full colour plant labels in-house and on-demand. Print self-adhesive labels, self-ties and stick-ins, and create eye-catching bed cards to attract customer attention to seasonal offers, in-store promotions and point of sale notices.

    Update and print multiple label designs with no media changes or additional plate costs. Print multiple designs of full colour labels and marketing media in-house, matching print quality to immediate demand.

    As well as horticultural labels the same printer can be used to create your promotional material, signage and stationery.

    Look what you can print

    • self-tie labels – loop lock labels, tie wraps
    • stick-in labels – pot pointers, push-in labels
    • self-adhesive horticultural labels
    • waterproof and weatherproof plant pot labels
    • swing tags and bed cards
    • shelf edge cards
    • banners
    • plant pot labels
    • Christmas tree labels
    • all your marketing material: promotional flyers, business stationery, point of sale notices and business cards

    For all your label media requirements, we recommend Bluepoint Tags and Labels

  • Label Printing

    Label Printing


    Impress customers with colour label printing, even on short-run jobs.

    Say yes to colour label printing on weatherproof, metallic and more synthetic labels with the OKI Pro 9 Series printers.

    With the OKI Pro 9 Series you can cost-effectively print highly durable, commercial grade labels with white under-printing for printing vibrant colours on colour labels. Whether it’s 1 label or 10,000 our printer has you covered.

    Take advantage of unrivalled label media compatibility with OKI.


    More information on OKI label printing, visit OKI Europe

  • Number Plate Printing

    Car Number Plates

    OKI’s Retail Solutions for Car Dealers

    OKI’s Retail Solutions for Car Dealers provides print processes within service centres and showrooms. From speeding up the production of powerful in-store adverts to promote a particular brand or offer, to printing paperwork and invoices. Car Dealers can print a range of applications that place them in pole position and way ahead of the competition.

    Car Number Plates

    Print personalised road legal number plates on reflective media. OKI’s printers are certified to print on reflective media.

    For OKI Pro9431dn, OKI Pro9541dn and OKI Pro9542dn printers no further equipment or software is needed to print number plates successfully.  For OKI B432dn and OKI C650dn we recommend…

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£660.00 ex VAT
£792.00 inc VAT

In Stock

Free UK Delivery

Please call us to confirm stock levels before ordering

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